Garage Door Spring Repair

If you live in Surprise Arizona and need your garage door spring repaired or replaced, give us a call today for a quick fix.

We have replaced replaced hundreds of springs over the years. Garage door springs break for various reasons and this happens to be our most frequent service call. 

Although many factors contribute to broken torsion springs, aging is the number one reason for Surprise Arizona homes - especially those that are 7+ years old.

Give us a call and we will do everything possible to come out same day and either repair or replace your broken garage door spring. We use quality parts that last while the 'big guys' sell you cheap springs that only make it past their warranty period.

All spring replacements come with a warranty and to-date, we have never performed a warranty replacement.

This means our quality service and parts make the difference.

Call Today!

Q: A loud crashing sound came from my garage and now it will not open. What could be the cause?

Q: My garage started to open, and then slammed to the ground. Why?

Q: My garage door rolls down rapidly. Why?

Q: My garage door does not open all the way... it only makes it a couple inches and then stops. Why?

Q: I'm a DIY type. Can I fix my broken garage door spring myself?

How do I get my garage door spring replaced or repaired in Surprise Arizona?

Broken spring in Surprise AZ garage

We Fix:

  • Torsion Springs
  • Extension Springs
  • All overhead garage door springs

Signs of Damage or Wear:

  • Garage door isn't opening or closing
  • Door closes fast or cables "seem broken"
  • Loose looking spring, loud noise, or partial open

We are a local family owned garage repair company in Surprise Arizona.

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